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If a memory card has been formatted for a digital camera or mobile phone by no intention or intentionally, or when an sd card warns that you need to format sd card.

Will you lose data after formatting a digital camera memory card? Can you recover files after reformat the memory card?

Here is the right solution for you:

SD card formatter is to unformat memory card like SD, mini SD, micro SD, Compact Flash CF, or XD-picture card with its "Format Recovery" module.

Steps to Unformat SD Memory Card File Recovery

Step1. Connect the memory card to Windows OS. Download SD Card Formatter, install and run the software to choose a scan mode for formatted memory card file recovery.

Step2. Let the software perform a scan on the memory card and wait patiently.

Step3. Preview some data and then save what you need to a different place.

Unformat SD Card in Windows 10 Using CMD?

Is it possible to unformat sd memory card in Windows 10/8/7 using the cmd command prompt?

CMD #1 

Unformat sd card using cmd recover + filename (including the file type.jpg/png or doc or Docx... shall be used in this cmd)

  1. Open cmd by start -> run -> type 'cmd'
  2. type your memory card volume number + : (for example "h:" when h is your sd card in your computer)
  3. type command line 'recover + filename' (You need to know the exact file name and type)

CMD #2

Unformat sd card using cmd attrib -h -r -s /s /d when files were hidden by virus or unknown causes.

A list of cmd available for the memory card in Windows (Windows 2000, XP to latest Windows 10 supported)

  • chkdsk to repair damaged sd card
  • convert cmd to change memory card file system format
  • repair bad blocks for memory card
  • remove/attribute sd card write protection readonly...

Unfortunately, unformat sd cmd is available for files that you could remember their file names and file types. More sd card files to unformat? Or recover files in bulk?

Solution => Download SD Card Formatter, the free unformat tool for your sd card from small size to large sd card capacity.

How to Unformat SD Card without Computer for Free

Unformat sd cards only are done on an android phone when you do not have a computer for help. A free tool could be the help that you may search 'Restore Image' or 'Disk Digger' that offers free sd card recovery on Android mobile phones.

What Does Formatting a Memory Card Do??

Formatting can erase everything stored on a memory card and prepare the card for new data storage. Usually, you can format a memory card to free up space on the card. 

What is more important, you can format a memory card when it requires formatting and changes to the RAW file system.

You may mistakenly format card in an Android phone, digital camera, or PC. If you do not want to lose precious photos from a formatted memory card, you had better back up important data regularly.

Unformat FujiFilm XD Card

"Can I unformat my FujiFilm XD picture card and get back lost videos off the card? I accidentally formatted the XD the card in my digital camera. The card contains lots of pictures and videos.

The pictures are not so important to me, but the videos are quite important. Please tell me how to recover videos after formatting FujiFilm XD card. Thanks!"

Have you ever formatted your FujiFilm XD card by accident? If you are still looking for a solution for formatted card data recovery, you can use the read-only data recovery software. 

Before downloading the data recovery software, you should avoid writing new files to the formatted XD card because it may overwrite the lost data. 

Unformat Corrupted Memory Card

Can you unformat a corrupted memory card? Sometimes, a memory card may be considered as a corrupted device since it is not accessible or shows an error alert message. 

You can format a corrupted memory card to repair its problem or unformat the corrupted to get back lost files by SD Card Sormatter.

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